Glass has been known to us for over 7,000 years and and holds its position in our everyday life.
We, at Trend Glass, use soda-lime glass in our manufacturing process. That type of glass, which is the most popular on the market, meets all customer requirements and is 100% recyclable.
Our production capacity is nearly 350 tons every day, which translates into over 500,000 pieces of glassware.

Batch processing is one of the initial steps of glass-making process. It is fully automated and strictly controlled. The batch house measures, assembles, mixes, and delivers the glass raw material to the furnace. Then molten glass is undergoing forming process using pressing, blowing or spinning techniques.
In perfecting our production process we cooperate with the best glass industry experts from all over
the World.

Our entire production process and plant operations are computerized to optimize production cost and to maximize production volume and product quality.

In order to satisfy our clients' needs in making our product unique we employ whole range of decorative applications like: spray painting using organic inks which may be opaque or translucent or metallic,
electrostatic coating, screen printing using vast array of organic inks and last but not least - transfer printing allowing to decorate glassware product with the most intricate design.
Our strict Quality Control procedures cover entire production and shipping process.
We always make sure that our clients receive nothing but perfect product delivered on time and in perfect shape.

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